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Welcome to the Worm Olympics!

For the newcomers here's a short summary of what this exactly is. The Worm Olympics are basically a large amount of Worms Armageddon tournaments hosted in a short period of time (in this case, a little longer than two months). The tournaments can be hosted at any time, by anybody and with any scheme!

You can play in as many tournaments as you like and all you need to do is show up at the time shown on the site. Send a personal message to the person moderating the tournament and you're all set! There is no need to register at this site in order to play in tournaments.

The site will have results of the tournaments as soon as the moderator reports them. In addition, replays of each game will be available for download. This will of course only be possible if you send in your replays! So if you decide to play in a WO tournament, please send all games you've played in WO tournaments (even if you lost in the first round) to

If you wish to host a tournament, you can click on the Register link in the top right where additional information is available. After your tournament ends, please send us the list of players (including their clan and country) and the list of games played in each round to

That's all there is! Enjoy the Olympics! Do you have what it takes to dethrone Wyv and win the most medals?

If you are looking for the Worm Olympics 2006 site, you can still find it here.


We have added some stats and graphs of WO2008. Check them out.
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